Maintaining high quality reference data is a major priority at FBDC. The quality of our reports depends to a large degree on the quality of our database. We go to great lengths to ensure that all data used for the production of the FBDC Gold and BENCHMARK REPORT is subjected to a rigorous series of proprietary tests and filters. Data that meets our strict standards is then included in one of three datasets, each with increasing levels of integrity. Data that fails our testing is excluded from the FBDC reference database. Our commitment to ensuring data integrity is a key reason why the FBDC Gold and BENCHMARK REPORT are unsurpassed for providing accurate, market-based price analysis that you can rely on.


Your data reveals much about the nature of your supply base and associated procurement costs and thus can be a key differentiator in your ability to compete in a challenging market. Maintaining the confidentiality of our clients’ data is something we take very seriously at FBDC. We are committed to ensuring a high degree of data integrity and we have developed equally strict practices with respect to the handling of customer data.

No customer data is ever released, revealed or sold. Reports cannot be reverse-engineered to derive confidential data. Customer names are never revealed in any of our promotional materials without consent. The data we receive is used only in aggregate form for future reports.

Use of FBDC requires mutual agreement to a set of terms and conditions, and is a legally binding agreement protecting our customers’ confidentiality.


Customer data and reports can be transferred several ways to ensure security and confidentiality. Uploading customer data through the FBDC website – the site is VeriSign authenticated and fully HTTPS compliant. Uploading data and delivery of customer reports through our secure, password protected FTP site.

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